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Providing quality and value to each and every project we touch.

T.E.A.M. Builders Ltd. began in the summer of 2017 when Trevor Engels, owner of Engels Repair and Remodel, and Austin Maginnis, construction entrepreneur, decided to join forces to create a construction team like none other in the Cedar Valley.

To go back even further, Trevor and Austin went to the same high school in Mason City and knew each other growing up. Little did they know they were destined to become business partners as they each planted roots with their growing families in the Cedar Valley.

Ten years after high school, Austin was searching for a trusted contractor to help him flip a house in Waterloo. While asking around to friends and family, Trevor’s name was brought up multiple times which eventually was the spark to a new relationship. From there, Trevor helped complete the house flip and exceeded expectations hitting home runs on everything from building a new deck and adding structural support to custom finish work repurposing original subfloor into a beautiful architectural wall. Needless to say, after completing the flip house together, they both knew there was potential for a future venture as their talents meshed so well together.

After the house flip, Trevor and Austin played on the same local softball team and spent their time between innings discussing the potential for the new construction business. Through all their conversations, they determined their roles and responsibilities, discussed their vision and goals for the business, and hammered home what they were going to pride themselves on.

The last thing they needed to determine was the name of their business name. Maginnis-Engels Construction? TA Contracting? Magingels Builders? M&E Interiors & Exteriors? Nothing seemed to stick. One day while watching a kids television show with his daughter, Austin landed on the perfect name: T.E.A.M. Builders Ltd., Trevor’s initials plus Austin’s initials; it was a perfect match. Austin called Trevor immediately to share the epiphany he had and Trevor laughed, “How did we not think of that already.” From there, they knew their business partnership was meant to be.

The name was so fitting in more ways than one, because it is the foundation that the company is built. Each member has a defined role that collaboratively works together with other members to achieve a common goal and that goal is providing quality and value to each and every project we touch.

Owner | Trevor Engels

“Quality is where it counts. Exceeding the clients’ expectations in craftsmanship is the most fulfilling part of my job, and something I aim to do on every project. My motto is to take the time and care to get it done right, never sacrificing quality for productivity. There’s nothing better than the customer being 100% satisfied with the product we put out for them, and them knowing they hired the right guys for the job.”

– Trevor Engels, COO/Project Manager

Owner | Austin Maginnis

“It’s always a pleasure getting to work with clients on their home remodeling projects. Helping them bring their visions to a reality is something I take great pride in. I love showing up at the beginning of a project to capture a client’s vision and then showing up again towards the end of a project and hearing the client say ‘this turned out better than I had ever imagined’ or ‘the construction crew did an incredible job, it’s perfect’. It’s moments like this where I know our goals and visions for value and client satisfaction have been attained and it’s something Trevor and I strive to achieve on every project.”

– Austin Maginnis, CEO/Sales Manager

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