The T.E.A.M. Builders Way

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Our Process

With a design & build approach to the construction process, continuous and collaborative production is at the heart of who we are.

With ample time spent in the planning phase of your project we ensure a smooth transition from office to field, start to finish, and most importantly a product that you love. We understand that proper planning allows for optimum performance.

As we collaborate to tailor a project to your budget, establish a schedule, and clarify design specifications, we understand it remains essential to streamline communication without compromise or assumptions. A simple and transparent process allows us to be in and out of your home as soon as possible with a finished product that you love.

T.E.A.M. Builders' Process

Family owned business serving with pride. A local business you can trust.
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The planning process starts the day we speak or the day we meet with you for a no-obligation/no cost in-home consultation resulting in a rough estimate and a high level scope of work.

Dimensions are gathered as well as a quick design discovery session to ensure we have mutual understanding and agreement to reach both your aesthetic and functional needs.

Phone call pre-consult to determine next steps

In-home or onsite consultation with probable cost range, options, and alternatives

High level scope definition and timeline

Cost approved and project contract executed



With the initial scope and contract executed, we dive right into your project design. Based on field dimensions and plans we have created or received from you we begin exploring the possibilities and potential of your space. This exercise results in floor plans (layouts) as well as elevation views associated with design elements and fixtures.

These are not final designs, but rather general designs and directions that we could take your layout/floor plan with color schemes and materials. Coupling our imagination, creativity and your input we will work with selected layouts and designs you pick to make edits, changes and enhancements to ensure it is entirely within your vision while tailored to your budget.

More detailed designs will be developed upon the approval of layout, design and materials. During this final design phase, all materials, fixtures, appliances, custom furniture, etc. will be identified to an extent we can place all necessary orders and get ready for the building phase.

Official approval and sign-off are required before any material is ordered, these signatures and contracts will be managed within our database.


As materials are on their way, communicating material drop off locations to meet your needs will be important as materials are expected to arrive on site. If your project requires demolition, a trailer or dumpster bin location can be worked out prior to the project start date. You should expect us to be on a home based schedule that has been communicated and approved by you.

Our project timeline once built, will be communicated and created with the potential to absorb some changes or unexpected change orders. Upon the possibility and discovery of a change order, you can expect us to provide you with an immediate report on project status and potential changes in budget. All change orders will require necessary signatures to move forward with a change order.

A final walk-through of the finished project is the last in-home activity where any questions or concerns may be fully addressed right before you are ready to enjoy your new space.

Pre-construction on site kick-off meeting with office coordinators and crew leaders


Construction and/or Installation

Clean-up, reveal and final walk-through

Enjoy your final product!

Family owned business serving with pride. A local business you can trust.
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